Monday, April 25, 2011

A Game - Impressions of Each Blood Type

We will know more about each blood type...


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    1. I will post chapter 24 asap. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. I don't understand, I'm B type, but why I feel so AB?! *btw, I'm not alien either :-|

  3. It's true for O in the 3rd panel. As they hide their lies, as we can notice their lies. Lol *experience

  4. I'm B but i can say that I am not that 'open'.
    Well, people may assume that Bs are open-minded, open-hearted, expressive, etc
    But Bs always have their introvert side, the side when they don't want to tell their true feeling/emotions to other people. Only God and theirself who know it. They tend to hide their feelings with their carefree-ness and cheerful attitude. People may not notice it.

    1. a, b, and ab are great pretender.

      o isn't. they are very open.